Post-Irma remapping: the results of joint efforts!

Post-Irma remapping: the results of joint efforts!

Back in January 2018, Navionics partnered with industry leaders and the South Florida boating community to remap marine and inland waterways impacted by Hurricane Irma.

The hurricane caused many changes to bottom contours and the coastline, including drying areas and islands that had either moved or completely disappeared. Navionics recognized that there was an urgent need for remapping the affected area and updating the charts, which are a fundamental reference for the entire boating community. Not to mention, the importance of charts to those that make their living in the marine tourism, chartering and fishing industries in South Florida and the Keys. 

Only Navionics offers the means to take on such a challenging program and provide timely results! In fact, with almost 7000 sonar log recordings, 700 Community Edit inputs and many Discrepancy Reports received during the month-long event, Navionics has already been able to update SonarChart™, map new shoaling with sandbars.

Coastlines impacted by the storm show the most dramatic differences. In areas of soft bottom, storm surge can have devastating effects and causes changes in the shape of islands, channels and sand bars, and generates other hazards that make navigating a challenge. The below examples demonstrate how these changes can affect boaters.
In some cases, anglers actually benefit where new structure has been deposited; in fact, any new underwater body represents yet another feeding area for fish that anglers will be enthusiastic to explore!
Navionics has corrected coastline based on the latest satellite imagery available taken after the storm season throughout south Florida and the Keys.

Community Edits made by participants in the Boating app were shared with NOAA for hurricane debris removal. This is yet another great example of how Navionics is bringing together local boaters to make a difference in their communities.

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Browse your areas of interest on our Chart Viewer and check out the before and after example of the remapping efforts below:  

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