SonarChart™ Live on Android!

SonarChart™ Live on Android!

01 April 2015Category:boatingSonarChart™ LiveAndroidFishfindersonarTransducerVexilarWi-FiMobileWirelessSonarPhone

SonarChart™ Live is now available on the Boating app for Android! This feature allows users to create their own HD bathymetry map that displays on their device in real-time! 

SonarChart™ Live, the Miami International Boat Show 2015 Innovation award winner, is fun and gratifying! Any type of boater will benefit from the ability to survey their favorite body of water where SonarChart™ Live will generate an HD bathymetry map in real-time while navigating. The new chart is saved for private use and stored on the device. Plus it can be edited!  Depth data can also be shared with Navionics, allowing us to improve SonarChart™ for all boaters. SonarChart™ Live is truly fascinating to watch. As you move, you’ll see the map expose the underwater surface and the contour details revealed.

The new SonarChart™ Live feature is included starting from the most recent app update 4.4 on Android, and is also available for iPhone and iPad. It uses sonar data either from popular chartplotters connected via NMEA 0183 compatible Wi-Fi routers or from the SonarPhone T-BOX hardware. With the SonarPhone T-BOX you also enjoy a fishfinder in split-screen with Navionics charts. Simply connect your mobile device via Wi-Fi and SonarChart™ Live will appear! On the free app version, a Navionics+ package is required.

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