Update your charts!

We published hundreds of thousands of updates in the last 12 months. They include coastline and contour improvements, buoy changes, sand bar shifts, newly marked rocks and submerged structures, new points of interest and much more - see the detail below. SonarChart™ and Community Edits also received a constant stream of modifications. The charts are kept aligned on both plotter and mobile.
*Note: inputs refers to data sources that generate multiple chart modifications. This infographic does not include the changes to 3D, satellite overlay and panoramic pictures of Platinum+ and Hotmaps Platinum.
Plotter charts:
- If you have a Silver or Gold Navionics card or a chart card from a different brand, get Navionics Updates for the most current content, which includes the upgrade to Navionics+.
- If you have a Navionics+ card, update it with Navionics Updates
- If you have a Platinum+ card, you can update online at navionics.com to get new Nautical Charts, SonarChart™ and Community Edits; or, for an update which also includes 3D, satellite overlay and panoramic port pictures, ask your dealer.
Mobile charts:
Once you have downloaded the Navionics Boating App to your mobile device, and you have selected a Navionics+ subscription to one or more regions from Menu>Charts, you can keep your charts updated by simply downloading an area of the map again or updating all your downloaded areas at once by going to Menu>Update All. After one year, your Navionics+ subscription will expire. You will retain your charts and have the option to renew at a highly discounted price for further updates.