Use your mobile to enhance GPS plotter charts!

While enjoying your time on the water, you have the opportunity to contribute content for better mobile and plotter charts - right from your mobile device!
You can add all kinds of marine-related content or points of interest. Open your Navionics Boating app, tap on the map, select the question mark, then find "Edit Map" and choose the icon for the object you want to insert. All inputs are available to every Navionics customer instantly on mobile and easily downloadable to plotter cards with Daily Updates
If you find an error in your chart while boating, whether it’s an inaccurate spot sounding, missing data, new buoy, or simply a recent change that’s not yet reflected in our charts, just open your Navionics Boating app and tap Menu>Submit Feedback to let us know. The automated email already includes your lat/long. Or, you can go to the Help section of our website to submit a report. We’ll look into it and make any necessary updates.
SonarChart™ Live is an easy way to create personal 1 ft HD bathymetry maps in real time on the Navionics Boating App and it's also the most efficient way to enhance SonarChart™. Your sonar logs can be automatically uploaded to Navionics from your mobile and you get to monitor the improvements while navigating. Just connect your mobile wirelessly to a plotter/sounder to begin. You can check your logs processing status and see them on the map, and download the new SonarChart to your plotter card after about one week. SonarChart™ Live is also now available on Raymarine MFD units