Want better charts? Go boating!

Want better charts? Go boating!

29 December 2014
Want better charts? Go boating!

Only Navionics accepts sonar logs from all major plotter brands and mobile devices! Millions of boaters all over the world can contribute to enhancing SonarChart™ HD bathymetry map using many of the leading plotter brands, as well as mobile devices. Be part of the crowd and improve the detail of your favorite spots! Navionics empowers you to contribute real-time data that augments the quality and detail of the SonarChart™ you see on plotter, mobile and PC.

Sonar logs stored on any card can be uploaded to navionics.com. Many Lowrance, Simrad and B&G units automatically store sonar data from day one, meaning a wealth of depth information can be contributed all at once. Humminbird, Raymarine and Garmin users can also contribute easily by recording and uploading their sonar logs. An amazing advancement called Plotter Sync allows Raymarine Wi-Fi multifunction displays that connect using the Navionics Boating app to upload sonar logs and update charts directly from the boat!

On mobile, your Navionics Boating app includes the SonarPhone feature, which connects wirelessly to the SonarPhone T-BOX by Vexilar to display a fishfinder as well as SonarChart™ Live drawn split-screen in real time over existing Nautical Charts or SonarChart™ (see video). Not only is it great fun to see the detailed contours develop as you move, the new chart layer remains resident within your app while data obtained to create those contours can help generate enhanced SonarChart™.

The enormous amount of sonar logs contributed by all plotter and mobile users are processed together anonymously by Navionics and made available for all users and every compatible device after about one week. This incredible advantage - the most timely, detailed charts available anywhere - is possible because of Navionics exclusive software, data systems, and expertise in verifying and processing sonar data from many sources. SonarChart™ is included with the following plotter cards: Navionics+, Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum. To get it on Silver, Gold or HotMaps Premium cards, customers can purchase Navionics Updates. On mobile and PC, get SonarChart™ with the Navionics Boating app found on Apple, Android and Windows stores. On the internet, view it through our WebApp: zoom in and click on the SonarChart™ icon.  

Want better charts? Go boating! See the video.