Webinar Schedule

Webinar Schedule

You may register for any of these upcoming webinars by clicking the link. Please check back often as this list will be continuously updated. 


Time (EDT)



December 14

8:00 PM

Ice Fishing for Lake Trout

Bernie Keefe & Kirt Hedquist

December 19

8:00 PM

Locating Bass in the Submerged Grass

Josh Douglas and Seth Feider

January 11

10:00 PM

Spotted Bay Bass

Erik Landesfeind

January 16

8:00 PM

Catching More Crappie

Pro Angler Tommy Skarlis

January 17

9:30 PM

Master Deep Water Drop Shotting

Ricky Shabazz

January 20

8:00 PM

A Finesse Revolution - Fishing The Ned Rig

Miles "Sonar" Burghoff

January 23

9:00 PM

Using Electronics for Finesse Fishing

Tyler Brinks

January 29

7:00 PM

Starting a High School Fishing Team

Kirt Hedquist

February 1

8:00 PM

Ice Fishing the Rocky Mountain West

Mike Howe

February 8

7:00 PM

Learn to Catch More Fish on the Ice

Pro Angler Mark Martin

February 17

8:00 PM

Mastering The Chatterbait

Miles "Sonar" Burghoff

March 8

8:00 PM

Cold Water Largemouth Tactics

Thomas Harris

April 7

8:00 PM

Selecting The Right Bait - Color Selection

Miles "Sonar" Burghoff