Webinar Schedule

Webinar Schedule

You may register for any of these upcoming webinars by clicking the link. Please check back often as this list will be continuously updated. All times listed are in Eastern Time (US & Canada).





March 15

7:00 PM

The Best Eyewear for You

Corey Stanley

March 20

7:00 PM

Warming Up for Spring Redfish

Capt. Stephen Fields

March 21

9:00 PM

Targeting Pre-Spawn Bass

Tyler Brinks

March 22

7:00 PM

Tournament Tactics & Tips

Capt. Anthony Grassi

March 26

7:30 PM

Cibler les truites brunes du lac Ontario au printemps

Andre Morin

March 28

7:00 PM

How to on the Navionics App - Waypoints, Routing, fishing contours and more

Paul Michele

March 28

8:00 PM

Tactics overlooked for bass fishing

Mike Delvisco

April 7

8:00 PM

Selecting the Right Bait - Color Selection

Miles "Sonar" Burghoff

April 12

10:00 PM

Targeting Kelp Bed Calicos

Erik Landesfeind

April 18

6:30 PM

Mastering the Neko Rig

Ricky Shabazz

April 22

5:00 PM

Fishing a Flood Control Lake

Jonathan Coholich

April 24

8:00 PM

Fishing Inshore in the Southeast

Capt Stephen Fields

April 26

8:00 PM

Breaking Down Your Lake for Spring Fishing

Terry Baksay