Pro Staff

An important part of creating a product that will be used all over the world, by many different people, in many situations, is receiving valuable feedback of its use "in the field" - or on the water in our case. Over the years we have developed a network of professional anglers, charter captains and guides who use, and rely on, Navionics products almost every day. Not only do they test our products, make suggestions for improvement, point out their concerns, they also educate others in its use, via seminars, trainings and conversations at the boat ramp and in the boat. Learn more about our Pro Staff and listen to what they have to say about Navionics.

- Tommy Skarlis – Crappiemaster Champion & PWT Champion – Waukon, Iowa
"From finding the "Hot Depth" to finding structure that holds fish to breaking down patterns, Navionics mapping is vitally important. Fishing without Navionics maps is like running through a tornado-damaged butcher shop blindfolded and naked.”

- Casey Ashley – Bassmaster Elite Angler & 2015 Bassmaster Classic Champion – Donaldson, SC
By using my Navionics chip, it takes a lot of the "guess-work" out. I put my chip in and I can see underwater points, humps, channel bends, creek channels, etc. Not only does it help find fish but it helps you navigate unfamiliar water, which is a necessity for me.

- Josh Douglas – FLW Tour Pro – Isle, MN
My fishing electronics are my life-blood on the water, but it’s my Navionics maps that breathes life into my units.

- Bob Izumi – TV Show host & Professional Angler – Milton, ON Canada
For years I have found key off-shore structure like humps, breaklines, shoals and saddles that hold smallmouths with my Navionics charts. Navionics has been a game changer helping us find these key fish holding areas.

- Adrian Avena – Bassmaster Elite Angler – Vineland, NJ
The first thing I do when going to a new body of water is bring my Navionics App up on my iPhone. Studying the map in a quiet environment has always been important, and it has allowed me to find tournament worthy fishing locations throughout my career.

- Clayton Batts – FLW Tour pro – Macon, GA
While traveling across the US fishing the FLW Tour I encounter many different bodies of water. With Navionics, I can research each body of water and locate potential fish holding areas before my official on the water practice begins. This helps me be more efficient on the water and cuts my practice time in half.”

Edwin Evers – Oklahoma and the 2016 Bassmaster Classic Champion - Talala, OK
“The Navionics map is one of the single most important things in finding and catching fish and staying with them on any given body of water!”

- Marco Nieuwenhuize – Independent trainer, coach and consultant in seabass fishing from the shore & fishing from the Hobie Kayak – The Netherlands
"The Navionics maps help me to plan strategically. I love to look at the Chart Viewer and Navionics apps for the Navionics SonarChart contour details and plan my fishing days or vacations ahead. From the beginning I have been fascinated by the opportunities from Navionics SonarChart Live. The details I am getting delivers more fish and gives a you as a fisherman more bottom insight! In short using Navionics is giving me more (pre) fun and more fish! What else would you want :)"

- Pasi Tuike – Fishing guide & police officer – Finland
"First time when I saw Navionics charts used in chart plotter I realised that without that map i'm in trouble at sea. Since then i've been using Navionics charts & apps meaning more fish and safer moments at the sea! My fishing partner forever."