Enjoy the convenience of mobile sonar! The SonarPhone T-BOX allows you to create your own personal HD bathymetry map with SonarChart™ Live and to have a fishfinder in split-screen with Navionics charts! See the video. See the SonarChart™ Live webinar recording.
What you need
- A SonarPhone T-BOX hardware, available for purchase from
- A Navionics Boating app on iPhone and iPad from version 7.3 or Android smartphone or tablet from version 4.3. 
Get started
1. Install the SonarPhone T-BOX device on your boat. Turn on the SonarPhone T-BOX.
2. From your mobile, connect to the Wi-Fi network: Settings>Wi-Fi ON and select the “T-BOX” Network. When prompted, enter the Wi-Fi password provided to join. See the video.
3. Open the Navionics Boating app. SonarChart™ Live will get drawn in real-time while you navigate and the fishfinder display will automatically appear.