Enjoy SonarChart™ and SonarChart™ Live with Humminbird and other compatible plotters! 
Record your sonar logs on a blank memory card or a Navionics card if space is available (one hour of recording corresponds to about 1GB).Then upload them through a computer at navionics.com>Download & Updates
Discover this innovative  way to upload sonar logs! Connect your plotter/sonar to a compatible Wi-Fi router, for example the SonarServer by Digital Yacht, and generate SonarChart Live on your mobile device. SonarChart Live is a 1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry map that appears in real time in your Navionics Boating app. It is also the most efficient way to enhance SonarChart because your sonar logs can be automatically sent to Navionics from your mobile.
The enormous amount of depth data contributed by all plotter and mobile users is processed together by Navionics. After about one week, the new SonarChart, resulting from all of the uploaded sonar logs, is available for the whole community on plotter, mobile and on the web!
This is how you can get it:
• On your plotter: plug your card in your computer, then go to navionics.com > Download & Updates
• On your mobile app: go to Menu>Update All (or Download Map).
•  On the web, view SonarChart for free on our Chart Viewer.
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