Remapping South Florida

Join the Post-Irma Remapping Effort!

When Hurricane Irma passed through the South Florida area last September, much of the boating community was affected. At the same time, shorelines and bottom contours have also changed. That's why we’re partnering with other industry leaders and the South Florida boating community to remap marine and inland waterways impacted by Hurricane Irma.

Learn how to submit your sonar logs

Log sonar, mark debris, make a difference in the community.

Hurricanes change the marine landscape significantly. You can help make boating safer by updating local charts and Navionics will share debris locations marked in the area with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. Participants will receive one year of daily updates!

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Ready to join the #RemapSouthFL team? It’s easy!

  • Record logs of South Florida and mark debris fields starting on January 19, 2018
  • Upload logs to Navionics
  • Submit a screenshot of your uploaded logs to [email protected] before February 20, 2018 to receive one year of daily updates

How to Make Boating Safer in South Florida

Learn how you can update SonarChart™ on virtually any marine GPS to help remap South Florida. In this tutorial featuring Paul Michele from Navionics, you'll learn how to participate by logging sonar while boating and fishing. Paul also describes how to create community edits that with help NOAA identify hurricane debris.

Submit Logs from your Device

Navionics accepts sonar logs from all major plotter/sonar brands and mobile devices. Click on your device to see and print the appropriate instructions:

Need a recording card? Email your name, address, and plotter model to [email protected]

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