Host a SonarChart™ Event!

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Are you the director of a fishing tournament or another on-the-water event like a regatta? You can now include sonar log collection with your next scheduled activity or host a dedicated SonarChart™ Event! Navionics allows users to enhance SonarChart™ 1 ft HD bathymetry map on any body of water!

The primary goal of hosting an event is to ensure Navionics SonarChart™ becomes more and more precise - for all, and by all. This can be accomplished in a few ways: 

On Plotter

>Participants record logs onto an MSD card with their plotter, then provide them back to the event director to send back to Navionics. Alternatively, depending on the size of the event, participants can upload the sonar logs to via the PC.    

On Mobile

>Use the SonarChart™ Live feature on the Navionics Boating app on Apple and Android where boaters can record maps in real time while navigating and data is automatically sent to Navionics.

Sonar logs recorded with plotters and mobile are integrated by Navionics with existing data and after about one week the new and improved SonarChart™ will be available for plotter cards, the Boating app and on the Chart Viewer at 

You get to create a new and fun activity for your participants, while at the same time, get improved charts for areas that are important to you! Plus, you get to showcase the before and after results for increased participation in the future.  Navionics will provide you with prizes once all the SD cards from the event have been evaluated by our mapping team.

Find out more information on the SonarChart™ Event process. Please contact us to get started!

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