How to download Chart Layers
with the Chart Installer

The Chart Installer is a free computer application that lets you interact with the content on your Navionics GPS Plotter card any time you need.

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Download Chart Layers
to Your Navionics Card​


Launch the Chart Installer, choose your chart coverage, and use the pins to select the area you want to download.


Select the layers to download. The system provides an estimate of download time and space occupation on your media. Click Start.


Once the download is completed, the area appears highlighted on the map. You can now plug your card into your GPS plotter and enjoy charts and features.

Only downloaded areas will show chart detail on your GPS plotter. You can perform multiple downloads.

The next time you access the Chart Installer, you will notice that you can switch between tabs:
- To UPDATE areas you have already downloaded
- To DOWNLOAD new ones.