Discontinued as of 1 January 2014.

Marine & Lakes USA offered download of a single US state and the Nautical Chart within its boundaries, including lakes and marine areas up to three nautical miles offshore.  

Inland Lakes and Rivers:
• Inland Lakes and Rivers:
• Over 18,000 lakes, of which 2,500 lakes are in high definition with one foot contours (click here for a full list)
• Great Lakes held within the state borders
• Detailed structure including roadbeds, foundations, creek beds, brush piles, fish attractors, etc.
• Pro Staff additions
Coastal Marine Data:
• Coastal coverage out to three nautical miles
• Tides & Currents
• Port Services

Marine & Lakes USA included Community Edits and free daily updates for one year.

Want the most up-to-date coastal and lakes coverage, including SonarChart™ HD bathymetry maps for all 18,000 lakes and more, anywhere within the entire US & Canada region? Upgrade your Marine & Lakes USA card to Navionics+ online by clicking the “Upgrade your chart” button below or by purchasing a Navionics Updates card from a dealer. Either way, you get Navionics+ at half price: Nautical Chart, SonarChart™ HD bathymetry map, Community Edits and one year of free daily updates.

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