How to Record, more details

Gen1 & Gen2

Is your plotter recording?

If you see a solid line – color may vary according to your settings – extending from the current position icon on the chart page, then your plotter is recording. And this means there’s a huge amount of depth data stored in your plotter that you can send to Navionics to enhance the SonarChart™ of the areas you have been around. If you do not see this line, then your plotter is not recording any more. To make it record again, press Pages>Trails>New Trail>Save.

How to improve data quality?

You can record freely as you go about your day. However, here are some suggestions on how to improve the quality of your recordings. This will help us deliver better SonarChart™: Your plotter automatically records at 5 seconds. In case you want to enhance data quality select a Trail>press MENU>Scroll to Settings, set Logging Type to Time and press ENTER>Set Time period to 1 sec and press ENTER. For best sonar log recording, we suggest you keep your speed under 6 knots, although maximum logging speed may vary depending on which device you are using; perform a grid pattern where the distance between tracks is no more than 50 meters /150 feet; and save about every 30 minutes to reduce any risk of loss.

How to upload a select log?

Navionics only uses sonar log data, not waypoints or markers or any other kind of personal information. And, in any case, the data sent by all boaters are processed as a whole, without any connection or tracking to individuals. However, just in case you want to send only a new log to Navionics, without sending the logs previously recorded by default, this is the way to do it: stop your default recording (if active); back up your memory to an SD (or MSD card) and secure it; erase your memory on the plotter; create a new trail and make the survey you want to send to Navionics, learn here (how to record a specific GPX track: Lowrance HDS5 Gen2, Lowrance HDS7 Gen2, Lowrance HDS8 Gen2, Lowrance HDS10 Gen2, Lowrance HDS5&7 Gen1, Lowrance HDS8 Gen1, Lowrance HDS10 Gen1); then export to another SD (or MSD card) and upload to Navionics; finally restore your memory back to your plotter from the external storage. You need to do this workaround because your plotter does not allow to export and upload a selection, but takes it all. After that, don’t forget to restore your recording as per original default, press Pages>Trails>New Trail>Save.