How to Export and Upload

Step 1

Make sure your SD card is inserted into your GPS chartplotter and press PAGES

Step 2


Step 3

Select Files and press ENTER

Step 4

Scroll to Waypoints, Routes, and Trails database and press ENTER, then scroll to Export... and press ENTER

If your GPS chartplotter screen does not look like this, please follow the Lowrance HDS-7 Gen1 Instructions

Step 5

Press ENTER to choose the File format, then select GPX (GPS Exchange) and press ENTER

Step 6

Slide to EXPORT and press ENTER

Step 7

Select Memory Card as destination folder and press MENU (not ENTER)

Step 8

Select OK and press ENTER

Step 9

Select New... and press ENTER

Step 10

Assign a name using the arrows to select a key on the keyboard. You must press the ENTER button for each key

Step 11

When finished, select the Enter key and press ENTER button

Step 12

The file is now created. To go to the main page press EXIT three times

Step 13

Plug the MSD/SD card out of your GPS chartplotter and  plug it in your computer. If you want to know how to upload sonar logs from a Navionics Card, click here