How to record Track GPX logs (only inland waters)

Raymarine Dragonfly & Dragonfly7

You can record freely as you go about your day! For best sonar log recording, we suggest you keep your speed under 6 knots, although maximum logging speed may vary depending on which device you are using; perform a grid pattern where the distance between tracks is no more than 50 meters /150 feet; and save about every 30 minutes to reduce any risk of loss.

Step 1

Make sure your MSD card is inserted into your GPS chartplotter and press OK from the UniControl.

Step 2

Scroll to Tracks and press OK.

Step 3

Scroll to Start Track and press OK. Now press twice the Back button to go to the map and start boating (at this point you are recording the track log).

Step 4

At the end of the trip, scroll to Stop Track and press OK.

Step 5

Select Save and press OK.

Step 6

Press Back

Step 7

Scroll to Import/Export and press OK.

Step 8

Scroll to Save Tracks to Card and press OK.

Step 9

Select the tracks to be exported and press OK, then scroll to Save and press OK.

Step 10

Assign a name using the UniControl to select keys, then scroll SAVE and press OK.

Step 11

Now the log is in your MSD card. Press OK, then press Back twice to go the main page.

Step 12

Plug the MSD/SD card out of your GPS chartplotter and plug it in your computer. If you want to know how to upload sonar logs from a Navionics Card, click here.