How to record SDF sonar logs (recommended)

Raymarine Dragonfly & Dragonfly7

You can record freely as you go about your day! For best sonar log recording, we suggest you keep your speed under 6 knots, although maximum logging speed may vary depending on which device you are using; perform a grid pattern where the distance between tracks is no more than 50 meters /150 feet; and save about every 30 minutes to reduce any risk of loss.

Step 1

Make sure your MSD card is inserted into your GPS chartplotter and press OK from the UniControl

Step 2

Scroll to Chart Settings and press OK

Step 3

Scroll to Sonar logs and press OK to switch recording On

Step 4

Press OK to make the recording warning disappear

Step 5

Sonar logs is now On. Press twice the Back button to go to the map and start boating (at this point you are recording sonar logs).

Step 6

When finished, unplug the MSD/SD card from your GPS chartplotter and plug it in your computer. If you want to know how to upload sonar logs from a card, click here.