How to Record Trails

Simrad NSS, NSO & NSO evo2

Step 1


Step 2

Tap Chart

Step 3

Tap Waypoints, routes, tracks

Step 4

Tap Tracks, then New Track...

Step 5

Tap Save

Step 6

Tap Settings

Step 7

Set Logging type to Time

Step 8

Set Time period to 1 sec

Step 9

Now press X and start boating (at this point you are recording the trail)

Step 10

To stop recording the track press PAGES, then tap Chart

Step 11

Tap Waypoints, routes, tracks

Step 12

Tap the recording track

Step 13

Toggle the Record tick off, then tap Save. Now you have your new Track saved on the Internal Memory of the Plotter. If you’d like to know how to save the track on the card please, click here.