Free Download of Navionics Boating App Delivers on Features

The new release of the Navionics Boating App and <Marine> - <Marine & Lakes> App for iPhone, iPad and Android (added June 24, 2014), delivers a boatload of FREE features!  Download the app for free, then immediately start using all the versatile tools that every boater would want to have at their fingertips:  
>Tracks with new enhanced console (on iPhone and iPad only)
>Routes, Markers, Wind Forecasts, Distance, Sync My Data, Geotagged photos and videos (videos on iPhone and iPad only), Sharing, Nav Module trial, Magazines & Guides
>If you boat in the US, you'll enjoy the special advantage of getting US Govt. charts provided to you at no cost!
Heading out for a cruise or participating in a race?  Now start your adventures and keep a virtual log of all your trips. The app will record your track where distance, speed and duration are shown and stored for reviewing later with playback including geotagged photos or videos taken along the way. But, before setting off, you can plan your routes, measure distances, check wind forecasts, sun/moon phases or add markers to key fishing areas you want to target. You'll be able to save data like tracks, routes, markers and photos and share them with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, or via email. For added convenience, the sync my data feature will transfer your data between devices saving you time. Users are encouraged to try our In-App upgrade free of charge where Nav Module will show you the benefits of advanced route planning details (on iPhone and iPad only). Articles are available to read in Magazines & Guides providing a variety of helpful local knowledge before pulling into a new port. 
At anytime, purchase the chart coverage area you need for anywhere in the world, and get the same Navionics detailed marine and lake charts found on GPS plotters. Chart coverage areas for purchase In-App cover the entire world: US & Canada/USA/Caribbean & South America/Greenland & Iceland/Norway/Baltic Sea/Skagerrak & Kattegat/UK, Ireland & Holland/Central & West Europe/ Mediterranean & Black Sea/Upper Volga River/Moscow Area/Lower Volga River/Central Volga River/Canaries, Azores & Madeira/Africa & Middle East/Indian Ocean & South China Sea/China Sea & Japan/Australia & New Zealand and Pacific Islands. Tap on Menu>Upgrades&Apps to purchase. View chart coverage areas here. Then discover the full range of features and capabilities the app has to offer. You’ll gain access to georeferenced content including the largest searchable database of POIs, dynamic tide and current data, and access to Community Edits where the Navionics Community of hundreds of thousands of users provide valuable contributions that can alert you to a vast amount of information such as new hazards, temporary nav aids to prime fishing spots. 
Navionics Boating is an easy, simple-to-use app with several value-added upgrades to add even more functionality. Advanced feature upgrades include Nav Module - for advanced route planning, Autorouting - where a suggested route is provided based on start and end points, Advanced Map Options - providing powerful tools to control the map display and Navionics+ - for map updates and SonarChart™, a detailed HD bathymetry map.  
Nav Module, and other In-App upgrades are progressively being released on Android along with the enhanced tracking console.  
Navionics Boating and <Marine> - <Marine & Lakes> is easily found on iTunes for iPhone and iPad, and Google Play for Android Handset and Tablet.