Navionics Marine iPad Apps HD winners of Design Award in METS 2010 and the Most Innovative Product!

Navionics Marine iPad Apps HD winners of Design Award in METS 2010 and the Most Innovative Product!

30 November 2010Category:NavionicsMarineiPadHDwinnerDesgin AwardMETS 2010Most Innovative Product

“Out of a record 1350 exhibitors, the 20th annual Design Award METS competition attracted a total of 132 products from 19 countries. 60 products were short listed for final consideration and from these the Jury selected the winners. One can see the tremendous effort that the nominees have put into identifying new product opportunities, and then ensuring that these designs meet the ever more demanding customer expectations. These are the products that we hope will excite the end user, to invest both in new boats and equipment, all designed to enhance the overall experience of today’s demanding boater.” (Bill Dixon, Chairman Awards Jury)


Mr Dixon also went on to say that the reason for awarding Navionics’ iPad app is “the system’s ease of use was better than any the Jury had seen to date. With fingertip control provided by the iPad it was extremely easy and intuitive to manipulate the charts and establish routes and waypoints. Moving from screen to screen, updating charts, and zooming in on a landmark was expected to be very simple even on a moving boat.”


NAVIONICS was also given an additional award for most innovative product for its brand new USER GENERATED CONTENT on which the Jury commented that it “made navigation of any yacht significantly easier than it has ever been before”
NAVIONICS is proud to be the longest established and most experienced company in the electronic chart industry and has won more awards than all its competitors put together. These have included trophies from several major boat shows, magazines and other marine organizations like Coast Guards and manufacturers associations for the revolutionary PLATINUM multi-D cartography and The iPhone apps. (the US Marine Manufacturers’ Association reckoned this to be “the coolest app a boater can buy”)

NOTE from NAVIONICS PRESIDENT Giuseppe Carnevali
“We are very excited about creating an entirely new way to enjoy boating, and seeing that the market is picking it up more quickly than we ever imagined. Boating is a lot more than just navigating from A to B. No matter if you are on the boat or off the boat, Navionics has an app for you that works seamlessly on your plotter, your iPad, your smartphone, your PC and allows you to do all your planning, your checking charts and weather, your navigation, your re-living of your boating experience with your friends, easy and enjoyable, anytime and anywhere. Navionics extends your boating experience beyond navigation, and beyond the boat itself.”