New Wireless Connectivity and SonarChart™ options shown at ICAST

New Wireless Connectivity and SonarChart™ options shown at ICAST

14 July 2014Category:Navionics BoatingSonarChartRaymarineVexilarSonarPhoneICASTSonar LogsfishingHumminbirdLowranceSimradB&GGarminPlotter Sync

Navionics continues to introduce smarter, more accessible charting solutions for boaters that offer more useful, up-to-date, location-based content in a simpler, more enjoyable presentation on a growing number of platforms available for plotter, mobile and web.  At the ICAST 2014 industry trade show, Navionics representatives discuss and demonstrate the company’s latest product innovations and partnerships that contribute to increasing opportunities for community participation. Navionics SonarChart™ is continuously enhanced into SocialMap™ thanks to a technological environment that is aimed at allowing the widest majority of boaters who own a sounder to contribute, regardless of the brand, its age or type, or the part of the world where it is operated, and even whether they are Navionics customers or not. It is a completely open system accepting the greatest diversity of sonar logs contributions.

Sonar log data generated by the majority of GPS chartplotters from Humminbird, Lowrance, Raymarine, Simrad, B&G and Garmin are now accepted. This recent development within the SonarChart™ sonar log upload process makes it possible for individual boaters who want to see more detail in any area to easily contribute their sonar logs, now coming from a great number of compatible models from leading brands, for integration into SonarChart™. These improvements can then be seen by the whole user community. 

A new partnership with Vexilar which integrates their SonarPhone technology within the Navionics Boating app offers a convenient, affordable option for owners of kayaks and small to mid-size boats without chartplotters to view live sonar readings and updated SonarChart™ within the same app. At the same time, wireless transfer of sonar data to the Navionics servers will allow users to easily contribute their sonar data and enjoy the full benefits of SonarChart™.

Plotter Sync
Navionics Boating is now powered with Navionics Plotter Sync technology on iPad or iPhone to connect Raymarine WiFi-enabled multifunction displays to the Navionics servers. This wireless connection allows boaters to upload sonar logs effortlessly, and they can also utilize the wireless connection to register, activate, and update their Navionics cards. 

Navionics Boating
Not only a key element of Navionics advances in wireless connectivity, Navionics Boating, the leading mobile navigation app available for Apple, Android and soon for Windows PC and Tablet devices, offers the most comprehensive features and a global catalog of charts. In the US, ready to navigate US Govt. charts are included for free. The release of Navionics+ will provide Navionics Nautical Charts, SonarChart™, Community Edits and 12 months of chart updates, creating a winning combination of product and service, and a great value.       

Read the press releases to learn more about SonarChart™, Navionics Boating’s SonarPhone feature, Navionics Plotter Sync and Navionics Boating, or visit the Navionics booth #1670 at ICAST.