Professional Anglers Choose Navionics - and Catch More Fish!

Edwin Evers BassMaster Classic Champion

Many pro anglers, like Edwin Evers, who won the 2016 Bassmaster Classic, and Josh Douglas, who dreams of doing the same, rely on Navionics technology to put fish in their boats and increase their success in tournament fishing competitions. Navionics mapping allows tournament pros as well as amateurs, to find structural spots quickly – saving precious time and fuel, and more importantly, helping to catch more fish.

Bernie Schultz, an Elite Series pro and nine-time Classic qualifier, described his mapping experience of Lake X in central Florida using Navionics’ SonarChart™, noting that the technology used to map Lake X is available to anyone, all you need is a Navionics+, Platinum+ or HotMaps Platinum card.

Another benefit of the SonarChart program is shared data. As other users submit their logs, that information is added to existing data. So as time passes, the charts become more and more refined. It’s an awesome concept and one that benefits all involved,” Schultz explains.

Conditions are constantly changing in the water but with the help of Nautical Chart, SonarChart and Community Edits, amateur and professional anglers alike, are able prepare during pre-fishing routines and make adjustments as needed before every cast.

Take a look at more testimonials from our professional staff:

"Navionics electronic charts are an essential part of my arsenal when fishing tournaments across North America. They are also part of my everyday business chartering fishing trips on the Great Lakes. Navionics has been in my boat for the last eight years. They have made navigation on new bodies of water much safer and enjoyable, while at the same time the charts help me break down a body of water to key in on prime locations to target fish. The technology is the finest in the industry. I use the Navionics iPhone app religiously."  -Greg Yarbrough

"Navionics electronic charts are the most valuable tool in my fishing arsenal. Its easy plug and play mapping saves me valuable time on the water finding the key spot that helps me produce quality catches."  -Christian Romans

"I can truly say that Navionics maps are the best on the market. The definition and clarity of the maps along with the excellent attention to detail have increased my vision of the water below my boat. Navionics has cut my pre-fishing time considerately, being able to plan your attack from your laptop is amazing. As my dad has told me: "Plan your work, Work your plan". Navionics makes this system easier and has greatly increased my fishing success."  -Nick Barr

Watch this video and learn how to take your Navionics preloaded card to the water with professional angler, Josh Douglas.