Connecting Boaters
on and off the Water

The Connections feature lets you keep track of friends and fellow boaters with convenient and intuitive sharing of profile, live location and saved items.

Connecting Boaters

Manage Your Connections

Stay connected with your boating, fishing, sailing or diving community.

You can search Garmin, Navionics and ActiveCaptain® app users by name or email and create your own network of on-the-water experts.

Make it easy for friends to find you. Update your profile with your name and photo. Learn how here.

Share Your Live Location

Meet with friends, or allow other boaters, marinas or event organizers to see where you are so you can easily make arrangements and conveniently coordinate your arrival times. Live location is shared for 24 hours or until the user decides to stop.

Share Your Saved Items

Exchange adventures and favorite places with one or more connections by sharing tracks, routes and markers.

The Navionics Mobile Subscription

The Connections feature is included in one-year subscription:

  Never Subscribed During Subscription
Connect with Friends
Share live location, tracks, routes and markers  
View Live Location  
Save shared tracks, routes and markers  

With the one year subscription you can
- Download Chart Layers
- Download daily chart updates and utilize valuable advanced features

Subscription Expired?
After a year , you can, renew:

- From go to the Subscriptions section of your account and click on Renew.
- Within the app: Open the app menu, enter your profile, and tap on Subscriptions.

If you don’t, you can still use your chart layers and download the rest of your coverage area.

Advanced features, chart overlays or the download of chart updates require an active subscription.

The price of first time activation and of renewal are the same.

Daily Updates

Only Navionics customers enjoy the unique benefit of having the most current charts with every boating adventure.

See our worldwide updates instantly, and locate them on our Heatmap.

Advanced Features

Get the full Navionics experience!
- Auto Guidance+
- Advanced Map Options
- Plotter Sync
- ...and more
provide you with additional functionalities on your mobile device.

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1 Auto Guidance+ is for planning purposes only and does not replace safe navigation operations.