Create your own maps

SonarChart Live allows you to create new personal 1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry maps that display in real time while navigating. The feature can be enabled by connecting wirelessly to a sonar from your mobile that has a Navionics Boating app installed. Alternatively, it can be displayed directly on the screen of compatible plotters.


On your Plotter

Now more boaters using compatiblie models from Raymarine, Lowrance, Simrad and B&G can experience Navionics award-winning SonarChart Live. Create 1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry maps that display in real time on your plotter. Watch this video of SonarChart Live running onboard a boat and check out some R17 action here!  


On your iPhone, iPad or Android

On your Boating app create personal HD bathymetry maps that display on your device in real time, when connected wirelessly to a sonar. The new chart appears as an additional layer over your map while it also gets stored on your device for future use. The amazing SonarChart Live is an embedded, free feature available on both Apple and Android. See webinar.

Target fish-holding structure!

See the school of bait fish with game fish underneath!

Stay alert to changes in the seabed

Viewing sharp changes in slope helps raise awareness to risky situations (video).

Dive with intelligence using SonarChart Live

View the depth and shape of the seabed floor before exploring new spots.

Want Better Charts? Go boating!

Depth data recorded while doing SonarChart Live generates a stream of data shared with Navionics to improve SonarChart for all boaters. Navionics integrates the sonar logs from  individual users, with existing data to ensure SonarChart becomes more and more precise, even in the ever-changing conditions of sea, lake and river bottoms. Only Navionics accepts sonar logs from all major plotter/sonar brands and mobile devices. Find details on SonarChart Live compatible devices below.

See evidence of your survey

SonarChart Live is an excellent way to monitor the improvements your survey will bring to the SonarChart because contours are instantly seen while you're collecting sonar logs. You may check your logs processing status and see them on the map. The new SonarChart, resulting from your and others’ sonar logs, checked and interpolated with existing Navionics data, will be available after about one week.

Raymarine Dragonfly and Wi-Fish

Dragonfly 4, 5 and 7 PRO and Wi-Fish devices enable SonarChart Live on iPhone, iPad and Android. See Video. Both provide CHIRP DownVision sonar technology in split-screen, while the Dragonfly PRO also has a fishfinder view. 


The SonarPhone T-BOX SP200 and SP300 provides you with mobile sonar at a very affordable price. It enables SonarChart Live as seen in this video. Plus, you enjoy a fishfinder in split-screen. 

Lowrance, Simrad and B&G

The HDS Gen3 and Elite Ti fishfinder/chartplotter units with built-in wireless connectivity enable SonarChart Live to display on the Navionics Boating app in real time while navigating. Other Lowrance, Simrad, and B&G plotters and sounders can display SonarChart Live in combination with the GoFree WIFI-1 Module. Visit SonarChart Live Compatibility to learn more. 


Sonar Server

Sonar Server by Digital Yacht is an NMEA 0183 Wi-Fi router. When used with a compatible chartplotter, it enables SonarChart Live and shows depth values. Other devices from Digital Yacht or other brands may be compatible.




Experience SonarChart Live your way. Check our continuously updated SonarChart Live Compatibility Guide to find the solution that fits your needs.

How to: Mobile

Close any apps that may have used the compatible device’s Wi-Fi. Connect your mobile to the Wi-Fi of the device, then open the Navionics Boating app. A new map is created instantly on-screen as you move across the water. Adjust color and transparency with Menu>Map Options>SonarChart Live Settings. In case your logs don’t appear on the process status page, close the app and reopen it.

How to: Raymarine MFD

To activate SonarChart Live on your Raymarine, first turn sonar logs on: Go to Menu>Presentation>Depths & Contours>Sonar logs ON. Then, go to Advanced Map Options to adjust SonarChart Live transparency and turn Tidal Corrections on if boating in tidal areas.


Award for Innovation!

SonarChart Live won the Miami Boat Show Innovation Award for 2015. The distinction follows a succession of awards previously received for SonarChart.