Dive into SonarCharts™ with a Pro!

Eric Sauvage organizes courses in spear fishing, snorkeling and scuba diving, using Navionics for both planning and practice.
Take advantage of his experience and browse SonarCharts™ with him!
On the Lowrance plotter touch screen, Eric moves the map and zooms in on his approximate area of interest. Let us follow him today at Glénans Islands. Once the zone is identified, he uses the cursor to activate the fishing map, which allows him to view highly accurate bathymetry and seabed recognition. On the map, it shows a drop off with contours close together over a short distance, an overhang and the ascending seabed with widely spaced level curves, reentering the shallows. Eric explains that the overhang is made in rocky areas, which are subject to currents, and perfect places to hold fish.
Disabling the fishing map, Eric shows how to view important information such as the speed and direction of currents and corresponding tides with a directionally reading cursor (e.g. a red arrow indicating that the tide is rising). Eric used his Lowrance GPS chartplotter but other compatible plotters such as Raymarine, Humminbird, Simrad, B&G, Magellan, Murphy, Northstar, Samyung ENC, Sitex, Furuno, and Geonav allow you to get the same result, as well as your iPhone, iPad or Android.
When Eric wants to discover a remote area or a place he does not know, he uses his PC and goes directly to the Navionics site. He uses the WebApp to access a general map and zooms in to get the same information as on the plotter, such as contours with more precise details of drop offs and ascents, dry areas, etc.. Once he’s identified the area and its characteristics, he can use its label to return to the exact spot during future navigations.
A fishing enthusiast, Eric navigates the oceans, and shows us exactly where he used SonarCharts™ on Platinum+ in Comoros during his last trip fishing in the Indian Ocean.  In the WebApp, he zooms in on the island of Mayotte and we discover the lagoon and coral reef that surrounds the island. We find with Eric thousands of kilometers, descents, overhangs, passages, details of the curves, and dry areas. He explains how, through the WebApp, he can identify areas accessible for snorkeling and program in advance his next submarine hunt, comfortably from in front of his computer. Thank you, Eric, for this simple and clear demonstration that highlights the quality and simplicity of Navionics products.
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You will be surprised to find the same cartographic detail in our range of Navionics Apps for iPhone, iPad and Android, such as "Navionics Boating", the new free app which allows the option to purchase several global coverage areas!
Navionics Team