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The Chart Installer is a free computer application
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A one-year subscription is included when you purchase a new Navionics® card. It offers DAILY CHART UPDATES and ADVANCED FEATURES. All you have to do is activate your subscription through the Chart Installer. Older cards can be activated too, and this will allow you to access discounted subscription renewals.

Note: Cards purchased on this website are shipped to you with a subscription already activated.

Download chart layers

Navionics® products provide three chart layers to serve the different needs of boaters and anglers:

> Nautical Chart - The foundation of our products
> SonarChart™- HD bathymetry map
> Community Edits - Valuable local info

Note: this procedure applies to Navionics Blank cards only


Only Navionics customers can enjoy this unique benefit: the most current charts every time they go boating.
For the best experience with advanced features such as Dock-to-dock Autorouting, it is required to have updated data on your card.

With an active subscription, you can bring your charts up to date anytime you want.


Don't miss out on updates!
After a year, you can renew with up to 50% off to continue accessing the very latest content and advanced features.

If you have a Platinum card, be aware that Satellite Overlay, 3D View and Panoramic Photos cannot be updated online.

Upload sonar logs

Navionics accepts sonar logs recorded with the vast majority of sonar/plotter brands and mobile devices.

Sonar logs contributed by boaters are integrated into SonarChart to reflect the ever-changing conditions of sea, lake and river bottoms.


The Navionics Chart Installer requires Windows 7 or higher, Mac OS X 10.9 or higher.

Manage your charts with the Chart Installer!

First time here?

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