Navionics Partner: Fishing 411 with Mark Romanack

Fishing 411 TV broadcasts on the World Fishing Network January thru June and can also be watched for free on-line at Each episode focuses on a popular fishing presentation and or destination in the Upper Great Lakes Region, with a strong emphasis on education.

The Precision Trolling Data apps are currently available for both Android and iPhone users. The app comes free with one Dive Curve and additional lure depth diving data can be purchased in a number of ways including individual lure data for $1.99 each, the complete Version One collection of depth data for $49.95 or the LifeTime option of $99.95 that includes all the data in Version One and owners of the LifeTime version never have to pay for additional updates. Version One of both apps has over 180 different lures and popular diving devices featured. Most of the lures and devices are tested on two different line types and diameters making for approximately 360 different “Dive Curves”.

Updates featuring depth data for individual lures and diving devices will be offered frequently. An annual Version will also be released early each year with the collective total of both previously published data and new data never before published. Because new data is constantly being added to the app, the LifeTime option will increase in price each year to represent the additional information contained. The Android app is available at Google Play and the iPhone app is available at the Apple App Store.