Create HD maps on your Boating app!

Create HD maps on your Boating app!

SonarChart™ is a 1ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry map that is constantly improved with sonar logs shared by boaters. The extraordinary bottom contour detail helps increase depth awareness, so you can boat safer and fish smarter!

See SonarChart™ on your Boating app
If you haven’t yet downloaded charts to your Boating app, select Menu > Download Map. The Navionics icon in the lower left corner indicates that Nautical Chart is being displayed. Just tap the icon to switch to SonarChart™! You may need to zoom in to see the 1 ft/0.5 m contours.

Create new HD maps
SonarChart™ Live allows you to create personal 1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry maps while you are boating. You can create them using either your plotter or mobile device. On mobile, you also need a compatible sonar/plotter equipped with internal or external Wi-Fi. Open the Boating app and go to Menu > Connect a Device to begin. Once your app and your sonar/plotter are wirelessly connected, you will see the new chart layer on your mobile device screen as it is drawn in real time while you navigate!

Customize your SonarChart™ Live maps
Go to the app Menu > Map Options:
- to make sure you can clearly see the new contour lines, select the higher value for Depth Shading
- to customize the color and transparency or stop creating maps, go to SonarChart™ Live Settings
- to personalize the amount of contours to display, adjust SonarChart™ Density
- to hide the new layer, toggle SonarChart™ Live OFF

Increase the detail of SonarChart™ for your area
Any SonarChart™ Live map you create can help enhance SonarChart™ where you go boating! When you automatically send sonar logs to Navionics, they are integrated with existing data. After about one week, check the Chart Viewer and update your charts to see the result of contributions from you and all other boaters!

If you do not have the Boating app yet, download the FREE version to start creating your own new maps right away! Furthermore, SonarChart™ and SonarChart™ Live are also available on plotter. Get the most out of your time on the water!

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