New GPX Import/Export and More for Sharing in the Boating App   ​

New GPX Import/Export and More for Sharing in the Boating App   ​

Do you love to share? Now you can easily do that through the Boating app, which includes new features for sharing. Exchange all your archive items in GPX format with friends, and easily share any location on the map with detailed info and coordinates.

IMPORTANT: These new features are available in the latest version of Boating Marine & Lakes for Apple® devices and Boating HD Marine & Lakes for Android™ devices. If you have a Boating app with a different title, please read here.  

GPX Import/Export: make it fun and useful at the same time. 
As part of our subscription, you can easily handle your archive with the import/export of tracks, routes and markers as a GPX file
- Share: Do you have boating buddies? Send favorite routes and best spots to each other, and view them on the app.
- Store: Is your Boating app archive full? Easily export all items to your laptop, and free up your mobile device’s memory. 
- Display: Transfer your waypoints and routes to your plotter (also includes plotters without Wi-Fi® connectivity) — or even to different apps and GPS devices. It’s a great tool for planning.

GPX Import/Export requires an active subscription in the Boating app (Menu > Me > Subscription)

- Export: Go to Menu, and select either Tracks, Routes or Markers. Then choose 1 or more items, and share. You may either export a GPX file via email or your favorite messaging application — or share a link on social media. It’s your call. 
- Import: You can open the file you receive with the Boating app or any other application supporting GPX format. Alternatively, clicking a shared link will prompt you to display the item on the Boating app (if you don’t have it, you’ll be invited to download it).  

Share location, stay in touch 
This is a free feature, and no subscription in the Boating app is needed. Do your friends need advice on a marina with good services or some directions to reach some good fishing spots — or do you just want to join them? Now you can easily share your location, or any other spot and object on the map, with detailed info and coordinates. Simply target with the crosshair your GPS position or any marina, anchorage spot or rock. Tap on “?” and then click the share button close to the coordinates.  

Get the new features
If you already have our Boating app, simply update it to the latest version. 
- For Apple® devices — on your mobile device, go to the App Store® > «Updates» 
- For Android™ devices — on your device, go to Google Play > Menu > «My apps & games» 

If you don’t have our Boating app yet, download it for free, and enjoy a trial of all our charts and features.


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