The Navionics Product Family: choose the right product for you!

The Navionics Product Family: choose the right product for you!

The Navionics® family of products provides a range of choices for all levels of experience, types of users or budgets.

GPS plotter charts

Navionics+ is a comprehensive collection of marine and lakes charts that provides an incredible amount of detail. It includes the same information contained in paper charts, plus much more, in a digital format. The information is presented on your device in 2D allowing you to read it just like a paper chart. You’ll appreciate the ability to conveniently view the maps at various zoom levels resulting in a smooth user experience.
Another great advantage of Navionics+ charts is the wide range of GPS plotter models it’s compatible with. From entry-level to high-end models, no matter the plotter you have, you’ll find Navionics+ charts intuitive and displayed in a familiar look and feel.Navionics+ charts provide three chart data layers:

- Nautical Chart: An essential cartographic reference
- SonarChart™: 1ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry map
- Community Edits: Local inputs added by users

Nautical Chart is the standard layer that you’ll see as soon as you insert the memory card in the plotter, while SonarChart and Community Edits can easily be switched on from the GPS menus.

Upon activation, Navionics+ also provides advanced features and daily updates for one year.

Navionics+ is a very versatile product that can be appreciated by anglers, cruisers and sailors alike. Depending on your passion, you’ll find the right mix of features and functionalities that better serves your boating goals and the activities you like to do on the water.

Navionics+ provides the exact same level of detail in Small or Large coverage areas for short or long-distance navigations.


Platinum+ charts are our high-end products providing all the detail and functionalities of Navionics+, plus a set of additional viewing options that will make your boating experience more vivid and rich:

- Satellite overlay with SonarChart Shading
- 3D view
- Panoramic photos

Satellite overlay and panoramic photos will be of great support when nearing a port to understand the whereabouts of the pontoons and the actual structure of the marina.

Anglers will appreciate how SonarChart Shading reveals sea and lake bottom structure and allows you to quickly identify potential fish holding areas.

3D view gives you better awareness of the surroundings.

Platinum charts are compatible with premium models of popular GPS brands. Features can be activated and adjusted through intuitive user interface toggles and menus. They come in XL or XL3 coverage areas making these highly sophisticated products accessible to every budget.

In Europe, Oceania and South America, Platinum+ covers both marine and lakes areas, while in North America they are specific for marine areas and Great Lakes.

HotMaps Platinum

HotMaps Platinum is only available in North America and is dedicated to lakes. They provide the same additional viewing options as Platinum+.

Platinum products also yield the best value if activated for advanced features and daily updates.

Chose the product right for you and activate it to get the most out of it.