Update on the bathymetry of Apache Lake, Arizona

Update on the bathymetry of Apache Lake, Arizona

Driven by a passionate commitment to support our customers’ enjoyment on the water, Navionics continues enriching its chart coverage to include popular boating and fishing areas around the world.

The Central Arizona Lakes charts have been updated recently. This area isn’t just the perfect location for anglers who enjoy adventures with spectacular scenery, it is also the perfect weekend getaway for any outdoor recreational activity: hiking trails and camping, swimming, kayaking, boating and all watersports.

As part of the Salt River reservoirs, Apache Lake is one of the most popular destinations within the Tonto National Forest. The lake is created by Horse Mesa Dam and located along the Apache Trail, a famous scenic drive. While the main function of the reservoir is water storage, the lake recreational center offers boat ramps for angling and watersports, boat storage, a year-round resort and marina, which is regularly stocked with fish.

Various species of fish can be found, including largemouth, crappie, sunfish, channel and flathead catfish, walleye and carp. As part of the Arizona Game and Fish Department, the lake is scheduled to be stocked with 4,000 rainbow trout beginning in November 2018.

Depth information has been updated with bathymetry datasets acquired with multibeam sonar technology as part of a continuous product enhancement plan. As a result, the contours shown on maps are richer and more dense, and the seafloor information has been improved with submerged river bed areas (good spots for finding fish) and other interesting details.

In addition, with the help of Navionics charts, boaters will cruise with more confidence with new navigational aids such as rocks, buoys, moorings and boat ramps.

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