Up to 5,000 updates every day

Up to 5,000 updates every day

See Recent Examples of Updates

  • ASIA

    New/Updated Shoreline
    - Tianjin, Shanghai


    New/Updated Marina​
    - Rust de Winter
    - Albert Falls Dam, Arabie Dam, Clanwilliam Dam, Injaka Dam, Vaal River
    New/Updated Chart Overlay​
    - Albert Falls Dam, Arabie Dam, Clanwilliam Dam, Injaka Dam, Roodekoppies Dam, Rust de Winter Dam, Vaal River, Vygeboom Dam, Witbank Lake


    New/Updated Marina
    - Skradin
    New/Updated Bathymetry
    - Hvar Island
    Other Improvements​
    - Trogir

    New/Updated Lake/Inland Waters
    - Vodní nádrž Lipno

    New/Updated Chart Overlay​

    New/Updated Lake/Inland Waters
    - Lac de Rabondages, Lac de Venables
    New/Updated Chart Overlay​
    - Porto Vecchio, Lac de Venables

    New/Updated Bathymetry
    - Alluitsup Paa

    New/Updated Chart Overlay​
    - Aran Islands

    New/Updated Lake/Inland Waters
    - Lurö Skärgård Nature Reserve, Roxen Lake, Unnen, Vänern, Vättern
    New/Updated Protected/Restricted area​
    - Kattegat

    New/Updated Chart Overlay​
    - Lake Silvaplana

    New/Updated Shoreline
    - Waddenzee

    New/Updated Bathimetry
    - Medway
    New/Updated Chart Overlay​
    - Bristol Channel, Plymouth


    New/Updated Lake/Inland Waters
    - Quebec: Champlain Lake, Lac Laverdière
    - Manitoba: Bird Lake, Booster Lake, Great Falls Reservoir, Lac du Bonnet, Pine Falls Reservoir, Red River Lockport to St. Norbert, Winnipeg and Lower Red
    - Ontario: Lake of the Woods (Labyrinth, Bishop and Red Cliff Bays), Lake Shabomeka, Ontario, Rush Lake, Rainy Lake, Upper Black Sturgeon Lake
    - Saskatchewan: Crew and Torrance
  • New/Updated Chart Overlay
    - British Columbia: Central Coast
    - Nova Scotia: Cape Sable Island


    New/Updated Lake/Inland Waters
    - Arkansas: Lake Conway
    - Florida: Keys - Reef Improvements
    - Georgia: Allatoona, Blue Ridge, Harding, Nottely
    - Kentucky: Lake Barkley
    - Illinois: Red River Pool 4
    - Louisiana: Grand Bayou Reservoir
    - Michigan: Elk Lake, Hamlin Lake
    - Minnesota: Dead Lake, Kabetogama, Lake Traverse, Morrison Lake
    - New York: Lake Champlain
    - North Dakota: Devils Lake
    - Oklahoma: Ellsworth Lake, Eufala Lake
    - Tennessee: Normandy Lake
    - Texas: Bois D'Arc Lake, Cypress Springs, Eagle Mountain, Grapevine Lake
    - Vermont: Lake Champlain
    - Wisconsin: Arkdale Lake, Clear Lake, Cranberry Lake, Fox Lake
    New/Updated Bathymetry
    - Alaska: St George Island
    - New Jersey: Champlain Lake
    - Vermont: Champlain Lake
    New/Updated Chart Overlay​
    - Arkansas: Beaver Lake
    - Connecticut: Long Island Sound
    - Florida: West Palm Beach Area, West Palm Beach, Pourtales Terrace, Straits of Florida
    - Georgia: Chatuge
    - Maine: Great South Channel
    - Massachusetts: Great South Channel
    - Minnesota: Kabetogama
    - Montana: Branham Lakes, Koocanusa
    - New Hampshire: Arlington Mill Reservoir
    - New York: Lake Champlain, Long Island Sound
    - New Jersey: Manasquan Reservoir
    - North Carolina: Blue Ridge Lake
    - South Carolina: Monticello Reservoir
    - Tennessee: Normandy
    - Texas: Castle Rock Lake, Cypress Springs, Eagle Mountain, Grapevine Lake
    - Washington: Crescent Lake, Columbi River Estuary
    - Wisconsin: Petenwell Lake, Castle Rock Lake


    New/Updated Lake/Inland Waters
    - Blue Rock Lake
    - Glenlyon Dam
    - Lake Atkinson
    - Lake Barambah
    - Lake Burredong
    - Lake Carcoar
    - Lake Coperton
    - Lake Dyer
    - Lake Hume
    - Lake Keepit
    - Lake Mulwala
    - Lake Proserpine Boondooma
    - Lake Windamere
    - Lake Wivenhoe
    - Lake Wyangala
    - Leslie Dam
    - Monduran
    - Split Rock Reservoir
    - Victoria Pykes Creek Reservoir
    New/Updated Bathymetry
    - Corner Inlet
    New/Updated Chart Overlay
    - Tasmania


    New/Updated Lake/Inland Waters
    - Suriname
    New/Updated Marina​
    - Saint Martin
    Other Improvements​
    - Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao

How We Work

New Data Sourcing

We integrate all sorts of new data from official hydrographic services and private entities. Our aim is to generate a comprehensive product that goes well beyond official HO charts. This is why we constantly scout new sources and carefully select the content that ends up in our final product. We choose different sources for different areas in order to maintain our high standards and continue serving our customers with the best detail possible.

Integration and Processing

Only Navionics delivers updates in such an incredibly timely way. On average, we integrate new data within 15 to 30 days from publication by the original source. New data include, but are not limited to:

- Notices to Mariners
- ENC data S57
- surveys
- and more

SonarChart™, our 1' HD bathymetry layer, is constantly enhanced by millions of sonar logs from boaters like you. These new contributions, coming from all over the world, are integrated with existing data to reflect the ever-changing conditions of sea, lake, and river bottoms at a very local level.

Satellite imagery, Relief Shading and Sonar Imagery chart overlays are updated periodically as new or better source data is acquired and integrated, allowing us to deliver expanded coverage and improved quality.

Navionics charts include more than 40,000 lakes worldwide. But that’s not all of them. We constantly source new data, so no matter where you are, you can boat and fish at a lake nearby.

The forces of nature, as well as construction projects like dams, dredging and marina development, affect the shape of coastal, lake, and river shorelines. Our experienced cartography teams meticulously review and redraw these features as they change over time.

Build it and they will come. Fish seek out particular types of habitats where they prefer to nest. In many lakes and coastal waters, angling clubs and fisheries organizations will sink structures to attract fish and encourage a healthy fishery.

Nothing ruins your boating day like hitting a rock. In addition to our own research, we encourage boaters to share the locations of underwater and exposed rocks. These potential hazards are displayed clearly within our products, making boating safer for everyone.

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