Today, we made 2,000 updates.

Like we do every day.

Official chart data

We integrate all sorts of new data from official hydrographic and private sources, such as: Notices to Mariners, S57, surveys and more. Only Navionics delivers updates in such an incredibly timely way.

Contour detail

SonarChart™, our 1 ft/0.5 m HD bathymetry layer, is constantly enhanced by millions of sonar logs from boaters like you. These new contributions, coming from all over the world, are integrated with existing data to reflect the ever-changing conditions of sea, lake, and river bottoms at a very local level.

Rocks and natural reefs

Nothing ruins your boating day like hitting a rock. In addition to our own research, we encourage boaters to share the locations of underwater and exposed rocks. These potential hazards are displayed clearly within our products, making boating safer for everyone.

New lakes

Navionics charts include more than 36,500 lakes worldwide. But that’s not all of them. We constantly source new data, so no matter where you are, you can boat safer and fish smarter at a lake nearby.

Shoreline updates

The forces of nature, as well as construction projects like dams, dredging and marina development, affect the shape of coastal, lake, and river shorelines. Our experienced cartography teams meticulously review and redraw these features as they change over time.

Fish attractors and artificial reefs

Build it and they will come. Fish seek out particular types of habitats where they prefer to nest. In many lakes and coastal waters, angling clubs and fisheries organizations will sink structures to attract fish and encourage a healthy fishery.