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Search for Navionics Boating on the store of your device. Download the free version, then tap on Menu>Charts and select your region for a one week free trial to experience the overwhelming value of Navionics+! Or choose any paid app where Navionics+ is already included.

Navionics+ Overwhelming Value

The Navionics+ one year subscription includes: Nautical ChartsSonarCharts™,    Community EditsChart Updates, Advanced Map Options, Navigation Module, and Autorouting (this feature isn’t available yet on Android). Nautical Charts give access to the largest database of searchable Points of Interest available like Marinas, Repair Shops, Fuel stations/prices, etc., and Tide & Current forecasts including dynamic graphs.

Download & Updates             

With an active Navionics+ subscription, zoom in or go to Menu>Download Maps to get detail on the areas you need. Keep them up to date from Menu>Update All (Or Download Map).

Included with an active Navionics+ subscription


Useful new tools to control the display of your map. Tap Menu>Map Options.

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Advanced route planning with ETA, distance to arrival, heading to WP, fuel consumption and more! Tap Route>Manual Route.

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Plot a course for your travels based on your boat settings and chart data. Tap Route>Automatic Route. Currently not available on Android.

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You can check the days remaining on your subscription in Menu>Charts.
At the end of one year, you can renew at a deeply discounted price or continue to use the charts you previously downloaded along with the permanent features of the app.

Permanent Features


Start with free Marine & Lakes government charts for US then advance to Navionics detailed charts with a free trial before purchase.


Record your travel and snap geotagged photos.


Easily plan your trip.


Measure distance between points.


Add a marker to selected locations.


Check wind predictions anytime and sun/moon cycle information.


Change overlay, switch to Easy View or select Safety Depth. Not available on GOVT charts.

...and more for free!


Sync tracks, routes, markers among mobile devices.


Geotagged photos and videos appear on the map.


Post your adventures to FB, Twitter or email!


Try Navionics+ before you purchase in Menu>Charts&Upgrades.


Free articles from leading marine publications.

SonarChart™ Live & fishfinder

Create a new personal HD bathymetry map in real-time with SonarChart Live. It uses sonar data from popular sounders connected via Wi-Fi. The new chart appears as an additional layer over your map. This is an embedded, free feature, regardless of a Navionics+ subscription. Some devices also offer a fishfinder view (image on the side is an example using Dragonfly PRO). SonarChart Live is an excellent way to monitor the improvements your survey will bring to the SonarChart because contours are instantly seen while you’re collecting sonar logs.  You may check your logs processing status and see them on the map, after about one week, where the new SonarChart, resulting from your and others’ sonar logs, checked and interpolated with existing Navionics data, will be available to the whole community on plotter, mobile and PC. See the SonarChart™ Live webinar recording.

Plotter Sync

Raymarine Wi-Fi plotter owners can transfer routes and markers, upload sonar logs for enhanced SonarCharts™ and update their compatible plotter card with the Plotter Sync feature included free within the app. Dragonfly PRO owners can also enjoy an automatic upload of sonar logs with the free SonarChart Live feature embedded within the Boating app, because depth data is shared with Navionics. You will monitor the improvements that your survey will bring to SonarChart, while enjoying real-time HD contours displayed split-screen with CHIRP DownVision and fishfinder.  See the Plotter Sync webinar recording.

Other Apps


The iOS 7 update regrettably caused  legacy apps purchased between 2008 and 2011 (v5.0.4) to become unusable.   


Tracking, routing, snow reports and over 2,000 resort maps worldwide! 

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iPhone, iPad, Android Handset & Tablet. Find our mobile compatibility guide here.

Plus Tabs Display

SonarCharts™ is widely available around the world with some exceptions (Greenland, West Africa, India, China, South East Asia and the Pacific Islands). Coverage continues to expand, please check frequently.