Get the most current charts - every day
Only Navionics customers can enjoy a unique benefit: the most current charts every time they go boating.

We make around 2,000 updates to our charts daily by integrating Notices to Mariners, new publications, our own surveys and reports, research and reports from our users. Updates include: coastline and contour improvements, buoy changes and sand bar shifts, newly marked rocks and submerged structures, new points of interest and much more.
Freshest Data is a one year service that you can enjoy every time you like, even every day, to download our most updated contents. With a Freshest Data subscription you won’t miss out on important changes to:

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  • Do you have a new Navionics cardGet one year of free daily updates with Freshest Data when you register your card online within 2 months of product purchase.
  • Do you have an old Navionics card or a chart card from a different brand and want to get Freshest Data? Check out Navionics Updates.