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We constantly scout new sources and carefully select the content that ends up in our final product. On average, we integrate new data within 15 to 30 days from publication by the original source. Only Navionics delivers updates in such an incredibly timely way!

GPS plotter card subscription expired?

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Register any new card to download charts and updates. After a year, you can renew with up to 50% off. If you have a Platinum card, be aware that Satellite Overlay, 3D View and Panoramic Photos cannot be updated online.
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Once your one year subscription has expired, order a new card at up to 50% off. We'll ship it to you preloaded and active, with one year of daily updates and advanced features.

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Visit your favorite Navionics dealer to find out about current promotions and the best update or upgrade option for you!
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Boating app subscription expired?

When the updates for your mobile app charts expire, renew your Navionics+ subscription from Menu>Charts>Purchased or follow the messages appearing within the app.