Monthly Archives: July 2019

  1. The Navionics Product Family: choose the right product for you!

    The Navionics® family of products provides a range of choices for all levels of experience, types of users or budgets. GPS plotter charts Navionics+ Navionics+ is a comprehensive collection of marine and lakes charts that provides an incredible...
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  2. Navionics Turns 35 ​

    2019 marks a milestone for Navionics: 35 years in the boating market. That adds up to more than three decades of constant evolution along with providing service and innovation for our customers. Since 1984, when Navionics introduced the world’s...
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  3. AIS in the Boating app

    AIS is here! Increase your situational awareness on the water, especially during low visibility or in heavy traffic areas. See nearby  targets overlaid on your charts in real time. Just connect...
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