Monthly Archives: August 2019

  1. Southampton Boat Show: Our Popular Offer Is Back!

    When was the last time you updated your Navionics chart? Did you know during the last 12 months we’ve made over 37,100 updates to our charts of the UK, Ireland and Holland. By updating your chart at the Southampton Boat Show (stand n°...
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  2. Boating app: mark your location with one tap, and more  

    We believe details are important, especially while on the water. Let's dive in and see how the latest app release can make your boating experience easy and fun.  Drop a marker with one tap Have you ever needed to...
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  3. How to Export and Import GPX Files with the Navionics Boating App

    Learn to import and export GPX files of your tracks, routes and markers with this step-by-step video. This feature allows you to: - Share files with your friends - Save space on your app by storing files on your computer - Display on GPX files on different...
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