Boating app: AIS now with Collision Alarm​

Boating app: AIS now with Collision Alarm​

In our effort to provide you with the best features for your water activities, we’re introducing the  AIS Collision Alarm.

In case you haven't heard, last year we added AIS to our Boating app so you can increase your situational awareness on the water, especially during low visibility or in heavy traffic areas.
By connecting the app to a Wi-Fi® AIS compatible receiver, you can see AIS targets near you and understand a boat’s course and speed at a glance through its vector.

With the latest app update, you’ll get Collision Alarm so you won't miss targets approaching. Collision alarm will notify you if potential collisions are detected. An alarm will sound, and you will see the target changing color from green to red on your screen. As many other features, Collision Alarm can be customized to meet your needs: 
- Collision sound alarm: if you turn this toggle off, the sound will be disabled, but the targets approaching will still be shown in red.
- Safe range: you can select a distance for the safe range around your boat.
- Time to intersect: you can set a time at which the alarm will sound if a target is determined to intersect the safe range. For example, if you want to be notified of a possible intersection 10 minutes before it will likely occur, set Time to intersect to 10, and the alarm will sound 10 minutes before the target intersects the safe range.

To customize Collision Alarm and other AIS functionalities, go to: Menu>Map Option > AIS settings 

Other improvements:
- spot at a glance AIS targets who have stopped sending a signal: a red X will appear on their icon. This type of targets will still trigger the Collision Alarm.  Targets will be removed after 2 consecutive minutes with no signal.
- now you can remove a previously connected device: just go to go to Menu>Connect a device>tap the gear icon associated with the device> tap “Forget device.” To remove the device, you need to be disconnected from it.
: if you remove an AIS device, you'll have to connect to it manually the next time. Go to Connect a device>Add device.

Get the new features
If you already have our Boating app
, simply update it to the latest version.
- For Apple® devices — on your mobile device, go to the App Store® > Account > Available Updates
- For Android™ devices — on your device, go to  Google Play > Menu > «My apps & games»

If you don’t have our  Boating app  yet, download it for free, and enjoy a trial of all our charts and features.

Haven't switched to our new Boating app yet?

Old apps are no longer being updated, while the new one has so many new features to discover.
The switch is easy, pain free and you get to:
- Upgrade for free
- Keep all your charts, data and active subscriptions
- Continue getting new features and updates.




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