Boating app improved with AIS target vectors and more

Boating app improved with AIS target vectors and more

We have been working to improve some of our most interesting features: AIS and our ActiveCaptain® Community integration.

AIS: understand a target’s course and speed at a glance
The recently added and highly requested AIS feature is a great help when boating with low visibility or in high traffic areas. With the latest improvements, the AIS targets display vectors that allow you to understand a boat’s course and speed at a glance. Use this feature to avoid risk of collision and improve your awareness of surrounding traffic.

Target vectors are a projection of the target’s course within a 6 minute timeframe. They’re displayed on the map by default and can be turned off in Menu > Map Options.

Note: in order to view AIS targets you need to connect the app to a Wi-Fi® AIS compatible receiver.

Edit, Rate and Review ActiveCaptain Community POIs
The ActiveCaptain Community has been integrated into our app and our efforts to make your experience with it better continues! Now you can edit, rate and review ActiveCaptain POIs, like marinas, anchorage spots, shops and more, directly within the app.

With this new improvement it’s easier to share your local knowledge and provide your fellow boaters with the latest and most accurate information: 

1. Tap the map and target any POI with the cross-hairs
2. Tap on "?"
3. Select the POI
4. Edit POI information, and rate and review it.

In order to rate and review you’ll need to be logged in and have an active internet connection. 

Get the new features
If you already have our Boating app, simply update it to the latest version.
- For Apple® devices — on your mobile device, go to the App Store® > «Updates»
- For Android™ devices — on your device, go to  Google Play > Menu > «My apps & games»

If you don’t have our  Boating app  yet, download it for free, and enjoy a trial of all our charts and features.

Haven't switched to our new Boating app yet?

Old apps are no longer being updated, while the new one has so many new features to discover.
The switch is easy, pain free and you get to:
-Upgrade for free
- Keep all your charts, data and active subscriptions
- Continue getting new features and updates.




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