Hundreds of Lakes Added to Maine Charts

Hundreds of Lakes Added to Maine Charts

Driven by a passionate commitment to support our customers’ enjoyment on the water, Navionics continues enriching its chart coverage to include popular boating and fishing areas around the world. We recently updated 56 lakes and added 734 more throughout Maine. The new additions, primarily located along Maine’s 3,500-mile coastline, include spot soundings that are marked on the chart as a number indicating the water depth at that specific point.

Maine’s thousands of lakes and ponds are rich in aquatic life and ideal for boating, kayaking and fishing. Mainers target prime cold-water species such as landlocked salmon and brook, brown, lake and rainbow trout. Largemouth and smallmouth bass, chain pickerel, perch and sunfish are also extremely common. As the northernmost state on the East Coast, Maine is an ideal destination for ice fishing in the winter months, drawing ice anglers from across the country.

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Ellis Pond, Brooks, Maine. Located approximately 10 miles northwest of Belfast Bay.

Wesserunsett Lake, Madison, Maine. Access the public boat launch in east Madison and enjoy this popular fishing spot during summer and winter seasons.

Scituate Pond, York, Maine. This shallow pond north of the New Hampshire border is popular with local kayakers.

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