FAQs Ski

A. You can get “Unlimited Tracks” via In-App Purchase. Go to Menu > Upgrades & Apps.

A. NAVIONICS SKI Free is the free Ski app by Navionics: it provides you with same
features of NAVIONICS SKI but allows you to save only 5 tracks.
A. Tap “Download Map” in the Menu and check the status of the maps of your choice.


A. Yes. A pop-up will inform you when updates for the maps you downloaded are available. You can also tap “Download Map” in the Menu and check the status of the maps of your choice.


A. Do not forget to log in to social media apps on your device in order to have more sharing options.


A. To share a track, open the saved track in the Ski app and tap on the share button at the top right corner of the track page. Then choose how you would like to share: email, Facebook or Twitter.


A. Yes. Simply tap Stop when recording a track to be given the option to Save, Pause, or delete the current track.


A. You can view your stats by tapping on the stat graphic on the right hand side of the map. Or you can view stats for a certain run by choosing a saved track from your archive. You are able to see stats both while tracking and in playback mode.


A. Simply tap on "Runs" on the console and you will be able to see a detailed list of Runs and Lifts.


A.  In the “Download Map” page, click on the area marked as interrupted and you will be able to continue the download.


A. You must have at least one saved track in your archive to view statistics.


A. You will be prompted to update maps when updates become available.


A. On the “Download Map” page you can see the status of the areas: Downloaded, Updates available, and Interrupted. Tap on each area for more information. You will be prompted to download updates if there are any available.


A. Le réglage « Actualisation en arrière-plan » est probablement sur OFF. Allez à Réglages > GENERAL > ACTUALISATION EN ARRIERE PLAN et basculez l'onglet en position ON.

A. Funktion “ Hintergrundaktualisierung” möglicherweise auf OFF gestellt. Gehe auf EINSTELLUNGEN> ALLGEMEIN> HINTERGRUNDAKTUALISIERUNG und auf ON stellen.  

A. Probablemente la configuración “Actualización en secundo plano” está en OFF. Ir a AJUSTES> GENERAL>ACTUALIZACIÓN EN SECUNDO PLANO y cambiar a ON.

A. L’opzione “Aggiornamento app in background” è probabilmente disattivata. Vai su IMPOSTAZIONI>GENERALI> AGGIORNAMENTO APP IN BACKGROUND e posiziona l’interruttore su ON.

A. The “Background App Refresh” Setting is probably OFF. Go to SETTINGS> GENERAL> BACKGROUND APP REFRESH and toggle to ON. 

A. No. You will only see and be able to search resorts and details on the maps for regions you have downloaded. Once you have downloaded a region, the information is stored on your device and you can access it anytime.


A. Once you choose to download an area you will see a download bar that tells how much data you are downloading. If you choose to download all four regions, there will be a total of 93MB of data stored on your device.
A. Once you have installed the ski app on your device you have the opportunity to choose one or more of four available coverage areas: Europe, US&Canada, Australia & Asia, South America. Downloaded Maps are permanently stored on your iPhone/iPad.


A. View your stats by tapping the stats button on the right side of the screen while recording a track or in playback mode. This will open up your stats for the run as well as compare them to your personal averages or your personal records.


Change the map overlay in the settings menu or by clicking the gear on the screen during track playback.


Elevation is how high you physically are. Ski Vertical is how steep the incline of the slope.


By moving the cursor and side scrolling the graph window, you see instant values on the top bar, while the pop-ups will display maximum values.  In both cases, only maximum speed value will show.


No. You can only customize the console when tracking. All the same information is still viewable within the playback by tapping on each field. Pop-ups provide details.


Once you have started a track, tapping “Stop” will stop the recording and you can save or delete your track. As soon as a track is saved the playback mode starts automatically. You can stop it and see it again by choosing your track in the archive.



By searching the Archive in the app Menu. Or, once the track is saved, targeting the track on the map with the cross hair and tapping “?” on the center of the cross hair. 
A. Ski time starts as soon as a run or lift is detected. “Total time” starts as soon as you tap “Start.”


Tap “Start” on the menu bar to begin recording a track. All info concerning the track (Max Speed, Runs, Elevation, Ski time, Ski Vertical, Ski Distance) is displayed on the top of the screen. Tapping on each field, pop-ups provide details. Within the pop-ups, click the gear icon on the top right to customize displayed info while tracking.


A. Select the track you would like to share, then tap the center arrow icon at the bottom and proceed to share with Facebook, or Twitter. You can also email your track which will be sent to the recipient as a kmz file where they can overlay your track on Google Earth (free).
A. To share your Photos, Videos and Markers from your Mobile app to your Facebook wall and Twitter page or by email tap on your Marker on the map and then select Share to access you options.
A. You can save unlimited Favorites among Photos, Videos and other chart objects, up to 200 Markers and up to 1000 tracks.
A. The Tracks, Markers, Videos and Pictures you share can be easily overlayed in Google Earth or Google Maps, geotagged to their GPS position. Your friends, back at home, can track your adventures on their computer.
A. Tapping the action icon on the top right hand side of the screen, you can log into Facebook and Twitter and share your track via email, on Facebook and on Twitter.
A. Yes. Simply tapping the “Track” tab you access the Track console and can “Start” recording a new track. All info concerning the track you are currently recording (speed, time, vertical climb, distance, altitude graph and speed graph) is displayed on the console and you can: Pause/Resume the recording, Save, and Delete the track. Further, tapping on each field, pop ups provide instant information.
A. You need cell coverage just the very first time you run the app in order to download all the available resorts. After that, they are resident on your device and you can access them even when not in cell range. On the contrary, overlay options need a connection.
A. Navionics Ski is currently available for iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4,iPhone 4S, iPod touch 4G, iPod 4, iPad Wi-Fi, iPad Wi-Fi+ 3G, iPad 2 Wi-Fi, iPad 2 Wi-Fi+ 3G, iPad 3 Wi-Fi, iPad 3 Wi-Fi + Cellular (second generation) and for Android smartphones and tablets (see certified models list).
A. No. If you have the Navionics Ski app for US & Canada, you'll be able to see just the resorts of US & Canada. If you have the Navionics Ski app for Europe, only European resorts will be downloadable.