12 September 2014

Navionics at Southampton and La Rochelle Boat Shows 2014

Southampton and La Rochelle boat shows, Navionics introducing new products!

11 September 2014

Autorouting now also on Raymarine

Raymarine software update version R11 adds autorouting functionality to a, c, e and gS Series MFDs.

02 September 2014

SonarCharts™ at 0,5 meter contour intervals!

SonarCharts™ HD bathymetry map, widely available all around the globe, is now released in a new version that is even more detailed than in the past. More precise bottom contour detail is now available for cruisers, sailors, divers and fishermen!

29 August 2014

Fishfinder now in Boating App

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Navionics Boating app now includes fishfinder with splitscreen view, plus the ability to enhance SonarCharts™.

22 August 2014

Lowrance, Simrad, B&G users can upload trails stored since day one! Enhance SonarCharts™

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If you have owned a Lowrance, Simrad or B&G for some time, you can create greatly enhanced SonarCharts™ of your favorite boating areas with almost no effort at all!

07 August 2014

Hike & Bike App 2.0 released by Navionics!

Navionics Releases Hike & Bike App for iPhone or iPad.
04 August 2014

Android now offers Navionics+!

Category:NavionicsappsChartsMarine&LakesAndroidMap UpdatesSonarCharts™Navionics+

Android and Apple apps now offer Chart Updates and SonarCharts™ with Navionics+ package.

25 July 2014

Wireless Connectivity from your boat with Navionics Plotter Sync

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Navionics Boating includes a new feature called Plotter Sync that allows boaters to connect a Raymarine Wi-Fi  multifunction display to Navionics servers