Monthly Archives: January 2015

  1. Navionics Pro Spotlight: Rob Jackson, Multi-Species Angler and Guide

    When he was young, Rob Jackson learned to fish from his father, and spent his childhood in Eastern Ontario catching muskie in the Jock River.  He later became a multi-species angler, fishing everything from panfish, smallmouth and largemouth...
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  2. Navionics Pro Spotlight: Kirt Hedquist, Professional Walleye Angler

    Kirt Hedquist grew up in Northern Minnesota and has always been an outdoors enthusiast. His passion for walleye fishing led him to start fishing competitively in 2007 in the FLW Walleye League. He has since also competed in Full Throttle Outdoors...
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  3. Visit Navionics at the FLW!

    Heading to an FLW tournament in 2015? Starting in February there are over a dozen Navionics sponsored FLW tournaments.  Many of them will have a Navionics booth where you can stop by and say hello! Whether you’re a competitor, cheering...
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