Find Local Knowledge and a Network of Friends in the Navionics Boating App

Find Local Knowledge and a Network of Friends in the Navionics Boating App

Whether you’re out on the water or docked at the pier, there is one thing you can count on — that your fellow boaters will have your back. In any situation, the boating community is always happy to lend a hand when needed. This is true even when we are away from the water, where the same fellowship can be found among members of Garmin and Navionics communities around the world. That’s why the Navionics® Boating app enables every user to be part of this community by contributing local knowledge or by sharing with friends and connections their favorite places and great adventures.

The goal is to help everyone to enjoy their time on the water. You can help others and they can help you.

Set Your Sights on a New Destination

Let’s face it. Local knowledge is invaluable. Shared information has always made a difference for people who love boating. If in the past, we needed to be in person on the docks to get that information. Now you can get local knowledge wherever you are. The Navionics Boating app has thousands of points of interest created by people who cared to share their knowledge using the community edits and ActiveCaptain Community features. Best anchoring spot? Check. A trusted repair shop? Check. Seasonal buoys or an amazing wreck to visit on a diving expedition? Check and check. Just explore the maps and you’ll find many more POIs available. You can also find out what people think about marinas and boatyards, restaurants and bars, anchorage spots, repair shops and more, thanks to the possibility to rate and review places.

Everyone, even you, can add any new information and local knowledge to help other boaters better enjoy their trips.

Start Building Your Community

The app helps you get even closer with the Garmin and Navionics communities that share your passions. With the Connections feature, you can search by name or email to create a network of friends among thousands of people who love fishing, diving, kayaking, boating and sailing from all over the world. You can easily meet on the water or check out each other’s adventures by sharing your live locations, tracks, routes and markers.

If you go out boating or kayaking with a group, all the people present can share their live position with each other simultaneously. So, if someone gets lost or is out of sight, they can easily find their way back to the group. You can share your live position with family and friends back on shore so they can keep an eye on you for peace of mind. Or even better, you can be the trailblazer in your group by sharing the track of your latest adventure so others can follow in your wake.

Share Any Location on the Map

Planning to meet up at a certain spot next weekend? Share the location with your friends so everyone knows exactly where to go. Find a marina that always has the best fuel prices or mooring fees? Spread the love with your friends. Easily share outside the app any location on the map, including detailed info and coordinates, via text message, email and more.

If instead you need to share your tracks routes and markers with friends that are not yet part of the community, just export a GPX file and send it to them. You can even use this feature to store all your items on the cloud or to transfer them on a chartplotter.

Haven’t tried the Navionics Boating app yet? No time like the present. Download the app and try it for free for a limited time.