Boating App

  1. ​We are discontinuing some of our Boating apps

    Until now, we offered a variety of boating apps on the App Store™ and Google Play™, based on location and device type. Now, we are simplifying our product line and discontinuing most of them, leaving just...
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  2. Locate fishing spots at a glance with multiple depth ranges in our Boating app!

    A new tool for anglers to quickly and easily locate fishing spots! In our Boating Marine & Lakes app is now possible to customize the chart view with multiple depth ranges simultaneously, for bottom understanding at a glance! Customize your map The...
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  3. Enhanced track review options with the latest Android Boating App!

    As with Apple, our Boating app for Android now includes enhanced tools to review your tracks. A great way for Boaters who record their cruising journeys, fishing trips, sailing excursions, or diving expeditions to keep a digital record of their adventures...
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  4. Now 1,000 markers for your favorite spots!

    Markers are a great way to save your favorite locations on the map, like fishing spots or good places to drop anchor. With our Boating app, you can now pinpoint up to 1,000 markers on Apple devices! On Android, instead the number is unlimited. Each...
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