Boating app: one subscription for all your devices 

Boating app: one subscription for all your devices 

Do you have both Apple and Android devices? Starting now, you can use the same app subscription across all your devices. This improvement eliminates the requirement of subscribing to multiple apps.

Now when you activate a subscription in Boating Marine & Lakes (the app for iPhones and iPads), you can also use it in Boating HD Marine & Lakes (the app for Android smartphones and tablets), and the other way around. This is true also if you have subscribed in the past.

One account, one subscription

How does it work? It’s simple: we linked the subscriptions to your Navionics account. You just need to: 

- Log in with the same account in all your apps. Check in Menu > Me > Account.
- Subscribe to the app, if you haven’t done that yet. Go to Menu > Me > Subscription.

Your subscription – even if expired* - will sync across all the apps. Learn more

If you don't have our Boating app yet, download it for free, and enjoy a trial of all our charts and features.


Haven't switched to our new Boating app yet?

Old apps are no longer being updated, while the new one has so many new features to discover.
The switch is easy, pain free and you get to:
- Upgrade for free
- Keep all your charts, data and active subscriptions
- Continue getting new features and updates.


*With an expired subscription, your charts are still available, and you can download detailed maps to all Boating apps you have installed on Apple and Android devices.