Chart updates!

Chart updates!

Globally, we make around 2,000 updates every day to our Nautical Chart by integrating Notices to Mariners, new publications, our own surveys and reports from our users. Plus, several thousand updates are also made daily to SonarChart™ and Community Edits.

These continuous updates help you boat safer, fish smarter and optimize any experience on fresh or salt water. Before and during the season, the quantity of updates we make is tremendous, and happen on any body of water. See examples below for areas around the world:

Asia & Pacific
Asia and Pacific Islands: now also available in SonarChart™.
New Zealand: new satellite images for Platinum+.
Philippines: improved charts, more details in some port areas, more contours, new waterways, traffic separation zones, rocks, spot soundings. Also, coral features added in shallow water areas.
Thailand: improved cartography for Port Takola.

– new 0.5 m HD bathymetry and updated shorelines, 3,000+ obstructions and rocks, 200+ new objects such as anchorage areas, beacons, buoys, mooring facilities, restricted areas and wrecks, highlighted coral reef barriers, 100+ GeoNames, roads and airports.

– Rio Tiete added and Rio Jari, Rio Para, Rio Tapajos, Rio Tocatins and Rio Trombetas updated.

Ontario and Quebec: more than 1500 new lakes, and many more to come.

– 1260 objects updated: soundings, GeoNames, anchorage points, navaids, obstructions.

East-Central Europe & Finland
Finland: new satellite images for Platinum+ all over the coastal. Over 11,000 lakes and bodies of water added and updated in our cartography, including Lohjanjärvi, Vesijärvi, Oulujärvi, Vanajavesi, Keurusselkä, Keitele, Vuohijärvi and many others.
Germany: river charts improved.
Holland: brand new data for 66.000 bridges: name, height, width, type, phone number or VHF channel mostly available. Plus, we’ve updated charts for Ijsselmeer and Markermeer. Learn more.
Poland: over 29 lakes added and updated in our cartography, including Lubie, Bystrzyno Male, Bystrzyno Wielkie, Chelm, Dybrzno, Gagnowo, Karwowo, Klepnicko, Nicemino and others.

Iberian Peninsula, Balkans & Mediterranean
Balkans: improved cartography for Sava and Drava rivers. Updated hydrographic and navigation information for more than 500 NM of the Danube River, from Serbia to Bulgaria and up to the Romanian Delta. Learn more.
France: 7 new lakes including Lac de Grangent, d’Esparron, De Ribou, Retenue de la Chapelle Erbrée, Retenue de l’Arguenon (Ville-Hatte), Retenue des Fades Besserves, Barrage du Marillet.
Greece: new satellite images for Platinum+ in the Attika region and more than 40 marinas updated with new data, including Lefkas, Skopelos, Santorini, Mikonos and Fiskardo.
Italy: updated charts of Eolie, Egadi and Ustica islands and of marinas of Rimini and Boccadarno in Pisa. Lakes Viverone, Massaciuccoli and Bracciano now included. Venice lagoon updated.
Spain: new satellite images on Platinum+ for all of Spain.

Middle East & Africa
- Egypt: new Suez Channel included in our charts and improved cartography for Port Ghalib.

Russian & Baltic area
– Bielorussia: new lakes: Yanovo, Pleshchenitskoe, Vyacha and Dubrovskoye.

– Estonia: improved cartography.

– Lituania: over 100 new lakes, including Kauno-Marios, Galve, Rubikiu, Dusia and much more.

Denmark and Norway: more than 500 updated port plans.
Denmark: improved satellite images for Platinum+.
Norway: new layout of navigational aids and buoys in Oslofjord.
Sweden: brand new data in the Stockholm archipelago, over 800 new lakes added in Sweden.
And more.

United Kingdom
– Improved cartography including the Swale and Medway rivers, harbor approaches to Poole and Chichester, and some harbours totally remapped, including Lymington, Cowes, Fowey.
– 90% of the River Thames enhanced with contributions of sonar logs from the community.
– Many lakes and rivers enhanced with sonar logs from the community like Lake Windermere, Coniston Water, Rutland Water, Grafham Water, Wraysbury and others.
– More than 250 new lochs in Scotland, 180 of which updated with SonarChart™.
– New satellite images for Platinum+.

United States
Florida, Maine, Minnesota, New Jersey, South Dakota, Vermont: more than 800 new and updated lakes.
Alabama, Delaware, Georgia, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, New Jersey, New York, North Carolina, South Carolina and Texas: hundreds of artificial reefs now marked.
Florida and Kentucky: more than 1700 fish attractors now marked on dozens of lakes.

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