Mailing to Inactive Account Holders

Mailing to Inactive Account Holders

In compliance with our privacy policy, if there is no activity on a Navionics® account across all our sites and services for a period of at least two years, the account is deleted. Prior to deleting the account, multiple notifications are sent to the email address.

Do you wish to keep your account active?

Simply log in and we will know that you want to keep it.

No longer want an account with Navionics?

Submit a deletion request. Data cannot be restored after it is deleted.

If you choose to delete your account:

  • - we will permanently delete data for all Navionics sites, apps and services — such as our Boating mobile app, the Chart Installer update service for cartography on a media card, the Chart Viewer website and the e-commerce store — using this account.
  • - Navionics has a legal obligation to retain certain financial data, such as invoices and purchase orders, for minimum periods.
  • - Navionics also has a legal obligation to retain any data that is relevant to a legal proceeding until that legal proceeding has been resolved. Navionics will delete any such retained data when legally permissible.
  • - Navionics will continue to store the device identifiers of the mobile devices on which you have installed any Navionics mobile app. This data is necessary to ensure the proper functioning of the apps and content you purchased. In case we need to include these device identifiers in your data deletion request, then you need to confirm this explicitly. This means that in case personal data stored on a mobile device is lost, it will not be possible to restore that data through the data sync functionality.

If you change your mind

If desired, a new account can be created after the account deletion is complete; however, data will not be restored.

For any other information you may require, please refer to our privacy policy that you can find here:

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