SonarChart™ Bathymetry Density According to Depth

SonarChart™ is the Navionics HD bathymetry map featuring extraordinary bottom contour detail, which is great for increasing awareness of shallow waters and for locating fishing areas. In fact, Navionics integrates the sonar logs sent by individual users with existing data to ensure a more and more precise chart.
SonarChart™ bathymetry density varies according to different levels of depth. See depth interval details below.
Europe, Middle East, Asia, Africa, Pacific:
0 - 30 m every 0.5 m 401 - 800 m every 20 m
31 - 50 m every 1 m 801 - 1000 m every 40 m
51 - 100 m every 2 m 1001 - 2000 m every 100 m
101 - 200 m every 4 m 2001 - 5000 m every 200 m
201 - 400 m every 10 m  
US & Canada:
0 - 90 ft. every 1 ft. 301 - 600 ft. every 12 ft.
91 - 120 ft. every 3 ft. 601 - 999 ft. every 30 ft.
121 - 300 ft. every 6 ft.  
South America:
0 - 100 m every 2 m 801 - 1000 m every 40 m
101 - 200 m every 3 m 1001 - 2000 every 100 m
201 - 400 m every 10 m 2001 - 5000 every 200 m
401 - 800 m every 20 m  
Whether you want to explore creek channels, cruise in the open sea or along the coast, catch fish both offshore and from canal banks, you cannot do without a chart that gets more and more precise and reflects the ever-changing conditions.
Anglers can use SonarChart™ for their favorite fishing activity. Freshwater fishermen know how important it is to have shallow water details for lake or river beds in order to spot holes or other underwater structures which are the best places to find species like carp, tench or bass. Surfcasters, casting bait from shore, will be able to rely on very dense detail, with contours every 1 and 3 feet. This way they will be able to better identify wave breaking points where species like sea bass and gilthead bream normally linger. Others who like fishing in the open sea, going after tuna or snapper can also find appropriate contours.
SonarChart™ is included with plotter GPS cards like Navionics+, Platinum+ and HotMaps Platinum. You can also get it on your Gold or HotMaps Premium by using Navionics Updates. You can have SonarChart™ amazing detail also on your mobile: download the free version of our app Navionics Boating, which can be found on the Apple Store, for iPhone and iPad and on Google Play for Android smartphone and tablet. Then purchase a Navionics+ package from directly inside the app. You can also view it for free on our WebApp!

SonarChart™ is the map you can enhance! Contribute to improving the chart accuracy in your favorite spots and see the result in about one week. Want to know how? Get more information about SonarChart™!