Monthly Archives: July 2018

  1. Visit us at Sydney International Boat Show, Aug 2 - 6, 2018!

    During 2017, we made over 24,600 updates to our Australia & New Zealand chart. By bringing your chart to our stand (n° 607) you will enjoy an extra 10% on the trade-in price to get all the latest...
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  2. Locate fishing spots at a glance with multiple depth ranges in our Boating app!

    A new tool for anglers to quickly and easily locate fishing spots! In our Boating Marine & Lakes app is now possible to customize the chart view with multiple depth ranges simultaneously, for bottom understanding at a glance! Customize your map The...
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  3. How to view and contribute nautical data and points of interests to our charts!

    The Community Edits layer in our Boating App allows you and millions of other app users to share local information. View nautical data and points of interests in your location, such as seasonal buoys, lights, rocks, moorings,...
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